Bildergalerie der Tactica 2014 in Hamburg

Ekimdj und Tankred

Acht Colts für Miranda Springs

  • Battlestar Galactica wargaming presentation by

Behind Omaha

  • Behind Omaha wargame presentation

Bolt Action

  • Bolt Action wargaming presentation


  • Bushido Wargame presentation

By Fire and Sword!

  • By Fire and Sword booth.

Disposable Heroes

Goblin Soccer

  • Goblin Soccer Wargame presentation

  • In Clouds of Glory, WW1 wargame

  • Infinity Wargame

  • Liebertwolkwitz 14.10.1813 wargaming presentation Napoleonics

  • Operation URSA wargaming presentation by Wardogs Hannover



Michael and Alan Perry

  • Alan and Michael Perry attending the Tactica 2013

  • Reanimated Wargaming Zombie presentation during Tactica 2014

Space Marines Operations and Tactics

St. Mere Eglise

Stronghold Terrain - SAGA

  • SAGA wargaming presentation by Stronghold Terrain

  • Sword Beach Diorama 6mm presented during Tactica 2014


Tabletop Insider - Dropzone Commander

  • Bolt Action wargaming presentation by Tabletop Club Rhein-Main e.V. during Tactica 2014

  • White Death Napoleonic Wargaming Scenario presented by THS

  • SAGA Zen wargame presentation by Wraith


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  • Unfinished Armies Tabletop Blog
  • Asuryans Blog