Here you find my pictures of the Hamburgian Tactica 2012. Again the event saw more visitors than in the year before the magical amout of 1000 visitors were achieved.

Our gaming club, Spieltrieb Frankfurt, presented an Impetus Gaming Table based on a German local Feud in the 14th century around Frankfurt am Main.

Scenery made with Styrodur Workshop by Geboom

  • Lord of the Rings tabletop scenery by Geboom

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A fistful of rust

  • A fistful of rust gaming table by Pardulon

  • Borodino 1812 by Frankfurter Partisanen

Check your Six by KH and Ron

  • Check your Six game, bei KH and Ron

Conan by Driscoles

  • Conan gaming table, by Driscoles

Der Durchbruch der Heinrich Otto, Dystopian Wars, by Christian and Alex

  • Epic Dystopian Wars Gaming Table by Alex and Christian

Die Schlacht um Mikawa by Tobias Schwabe

  • Die Schlacht bei Mikawa Gaming Table

Die Schlacht bei Wasserau by Frank Germershaus

  • Die Schlacht von Wasserau von Frank Germershaus

Korsarenschiffe von Ekimdj

  • Lord of the Rings Corsair Ship models by Ekimdj

Full Thrust - SPACE RACE - by MechWorld

  • Full Thrust Gaming Table and models by MechWorld


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