Here you find the second buch of my pictures of the Hamburgian Tactica 2010.

Atomic Cafe

A pulp game presented by the Master of Pulp Grimm.

Presented by Frankfurter Partisanen

Triumph & Tragedy Colonial

Russian Civil War

using Triumph & Tragedy Rules, presented by Poliorketes, Hazel and Christian

The Seven Samurai

using This very ground rules presented by Vasa

presented by Tobias Kornemann

"10 plus bandits at angels two-fiver" - "Tally-Ho"

presented by Rob and Karl-Heinz using the "Watch your 6" ruleset

Vlad Draculea

presented by the Kurpfalz Feldherren

Pulp City

presented by the Kurpfalz Feldherren using the "Pulp City" rule set.

Battle of Bunker Hill

presented by Axebreaker and Sven


presented by Frank Becker

Dungeon Crawl

presented by Oliver and Tobi

Battletech und Full Thrust

presented by Mechworld


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