Here you find my pictures of the Hamburgian Tactica 2010. A new location provided much space for the breath taking gaming tables. The mood was excellent among the 550 visitors and exhibitors from many countries.

Our gaming club, Spieltrieb Frankfurt, presented a Great War gaming table using Warhammer Historical ruleset named "Great War" and miniatures by "Great war miniatures". As a addition we managed to get historical original german war gear such as a helmet, a grenade, a bajonett and more.

Old West Scenario presented by Rux

During this scenario only the terrain and the apaches were moved, the train remained in the middle of the table.

Nosferatu - Eine Symphonie des Grauens

Presented by Karsten Radzinski

The Baa

Presented by Rusus

In this game written by Rusus himself, a team of different quarters of a town try to capture the baa and bring it to their homes. A very funny game!

Mortheim Katakomben


Najewitz Modellbau

Kaiserschlacht 1918

presented by Spieltrieb Frankfurt, using Warhammer Historical "Great War" rules.

T&T Near Future Skirmish

Traders and Painting Workshops

30 years war presented by THQ using Black Powder rules

Battle of Kollaa 1939

presented by FiWa from Finland on a 3 metres sized battle map.

Battle at the Peipos lake 1242

Presented by Frank Bauer

Ambush Alley

15mm modern presented by Burkhard Hannig and Oliver


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